6 weeks to 12 months

Infants are children age 6 weeks to 12 months.   Open Arms Child Development Center’s infant program is closely attuned to the predictable sequences of normal infant development in the areas of motor skills, language and communication, cognition and socialization.  Consistency in response makes the child’s environment more predictable and comfortable.

For infants, care is at the ratio of four children per teacher, 1:4.  Our staff is highly qualified, loving and patient.  Because of our low child/teacher ratio, a great deal of time is allowed for holding and cuddling the children.

Schedules in this room vary as the infants needs are met immediately.  Children eat and sleep according to what is natural to them.  Open Arms provides a crib for each child along with other developmentally appropriate toys and various areas that children can rotate through during the day.  Teachers make written entries throughout the day on a paper sheet , including detailed information on foods he/she has eaten, how long he/she has slept, his/her disposition and activity level, noted symptoms of illness or discomfort, special experiences during the day, and any extraordinary achievements such as a new word or a first step.